As a freelance translator and interpreter I translate texts, provide interpreting services and proofread and correct translations.


English, French, Dutch, German, Polish -> Russian, Belarusian

We translate general literature, business texts and legal documents, and also technical texts (instructions, user manuals, etc.) to the highest professional standards. The quality of translation is guaranteed thanks to the use of the most modern methods for checking the consistent use of terminology and quality control. Every translation is mandatorily checked by a second translator who is a speaker of the target language. Translations are accepted and prepared with consideration for the Terms and Conditions of the Dutch Association of Interpreters and Translators. We are guided in our activities by the translator’s professional code.


English, French, Dutch <-> Russian and Belarusian

An interpreter provides the possibility for speakers who do not speak one another’s language to hold a conversation and understand each other as well as if they were speaking in one and the same language. Therefore, the aim of interpreting consists in the fullest possible transmission of the content of a conversation or presentation in the actual given circumstances. The interpreter’s task is also to avoid or rectify possible misunderstandings arising during communication, including those caused by cultural differences. The interpreter acts as a neutral person, respects the private and professional interests of his client, and observes the confidentiality of information obtained while fulfilling his responsibilities.

Proofreading & Correction

English, French, Dutch -> Russian and Belarusian

In conformity with the quality standard for translation services (EN-15038) adopted by the European Commission for Standardisation, every translation should be proofread by a second translator, which guarantees a high quality of translation thanks to double checking. Proofreading is carried out by a native translator of the target language who speaks the language of the original at a professional level. During proofreading a check is performed for conformance of the translation according to the following criteria: accuracy and precision, correctness of language (grammar, orthography, style), correspondence to the target audience, consistent use of terminology, and use of terminology adopted by the client company. We proofread texts in the following language pairs: